Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to my newest blog. If you are wondering why I'm taking on this venture, it is to combat one of my greatest frustrations in the transition from classroom teacher to principal. As a teacher, I was constantly communicating with students--about a hundred a day in class. Through teaching, discussion, conversation, and written comments on papers, I was constantly sharing ideas and thoughts with students. Misconceptions were quickly fixed, dialogue was on-going. In this position, students and parents alike are often left to guess about what's going on or why things happen. I chat briefly with students passing in the hall, a parent in a meeting or a phonecall. But rarely do I get to speak broadly about matters of importance, cast vision for the future, or share what I see happening around here from my point of view. So this will be an attempt to connect and share in a new way.


  1. A great idea, Mr. Nicholas. I'll be sure to check in regularly.

  2. Hi Dean,
    I love the idea of a blog, it helps those of us pushing 50 to stay current on the latest ways to communicate, it opens up a safe, honest place for dialogue on anything CHCA and beyond?, and most importantly, it once again demonstrates your desire to reach out to the students and parents and share your "big picture" ideas with us and be open for feedback. Thank you!
    Dorie Cucinotta

  3. Great idea Dean,
    The blog will help those of us pushing 50 to keep up with new ways of communicating, it will serve as a platform for all of us to get tiny glimpses of your "big picture" plan for the H.S., and it will provide a safe place to discuss important matters like the future of a CHCA coffee spot! Thanks for moving forward on this.
    D. Cucinotta

  4. Step one is under in the Miracle Commons between now and prom. The more business we provide for them between now and then, the more likely we can get everyone on board for something more permanent in the library space.