Friday, June 20, 2014

A Re-introduction to the Blog

Over the past few years, my blog has been dormant.  I've begun using Facebook and Twitter as a way to keep in touch with my students, alumni, and parents past and present.  But having touched down at Ben Gurion Airport outside of Tel Aviv yesterday, I thought about the possibility of reflecting and sharing thoughts on this trip that go beyond 140 characters.  I am beginning a tour today with 32 people, connected in some way with CHCA.  I have high school and middle school students, alumni, parents, their family members and friends.  We will have an incredible 11 days in Israel and some will continue on for 3 days in Jordan.  I will be using this site to share our experiences.  I hope it gives you a sense of being with us.  Until you come for yourself in the future!

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